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See course link for class schedules and admission requirements


Students may register online up until five (5) days before a scheduled class start. We must receive ALL registration documents at this time.


**There is an application fee of $100.00 (Non-Refundable) and a background check fee of $20.00 (Non-Refundable) to process. These fees are required for all programs except Nursing Assistant.

** There is a $185.00 deposit (Non-Refundable) and a $20.00 background check fee (Non-Refundable) for the Nursing Assistant Program.

**There is also a $400.00 deposit due at registration for the Medical Assistant Program.

These fees are required to begin the application process. This fee is paid at the selected course link.

1. Student will select a course and submit the registration payment. The Medical Assistant deposit must also be submitted at this time. Fees can be paid at the selected course link:

  • Nursing Assistant: $205.00 (Deposit + Background Check)
  • Medical Assistant: $520.00 (Deposit + Application + Background Check) 
  • EKG, PCT, Phlebotomy: $120.00 (Application + Background Check)

2. A course application link will be emailed to you to complete.  You will complete the online application form, along with scanning a photocopy of required documents into one file. Hepatitis B vaccine and TB skin test may be submitted at a later date before class is scheduled to start.  It is only necessary to submit either a high school diploma/ GED or college transcript.

3. If electing for Life Solutions for Health to provide a background check report, you will be emailed a link to complete the background consent form.

  • Students are expected to read the entirety of the contractual agreement.
  • Applications that are incomplete will not be processed. This may delay your start date of class.
  • A felony charge or conviction and certain misdemeanors will make you ineligible for our courses.
  • Weekly Payments are due prior to 8am starting with the first day of class and the beginning of each thereafter to have course access to materials. Payments may be submitted as mentioned at course link under admission requirements.
  • You may email us at [email protected]
  • NOTE: Expecting mothers are required to have a doctor's letter for permission to participate in phlebotomy venipuncture lab for live human sticks.